Hollandia Chocomalt Drink Launches 180ml Pack Size

Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink, Nigeria’s first ready-to-drink chocolate, malt and milk drink, is now available in a new 180ml pack. The new pack is intended to provide an entry point for adults and upsize for kids, while building on the commercial success the brand is enjoying following its launch in 2017.

Retailing at N100, the new 180ml pack comes handy with a straw, and is affordable and convenient, with the promise of instant “sharp sharp” nutrition to consumers.

For consumers, Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink which is filled with the goodness of milk, energy giving malt and delicious chocolate, will take away the hassles and inconvenience involved in preparing Choco-based beverage drink the traditional way because it can be consumed immediately after opening.

The new Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink 180ml pack size is expected to consolidate the growth and rising market appeal of the brand, as well as make the product available to a wider spectrum of young consumers who desire a satisfying and functional beverage that can be consumed at any time.

According to the Managing Director, Chi Limited, Mr. Deepanjan Roy, the growing popularity of Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink reflects how its ready-to-drink convenience and quality instant nutrition is driving consumer demand for packaging sizes tailored ever more precisely to their specific lifestyle needs in an increasingly dynamic market.

“We are aware of consumer expectations from us, and the new Hollandia Choco Malt Drink 180ml pack is a great example of how we are innovating with pack sizes to satisfy consumers’ demand,” he said.

The Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink 180ml pack size now joins the 315ml and 100ml pack sizes on the market shelves. It is available at all departmental stores and neighborhood shops located across Nigeria.


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