Heineken partners behavorial change experts to promote safe driving

Heineken has partnered with leading behavioural change experts to develop a programme for its responsible consumption campaign, When You Drive, Never Drink. Based on consumer research data and the insight that behaviour change starts in the place of decision making, Heineken equipped a bar that encourages people not to drink and drive.

Heineken, in collaboration with Innovia Technology created a collection of nudges, reminders and prompts to change the psychology of drink drivers. These interventions were tested in a pilot study, conducted over a two-week period, in ten UK bars. The programme was also supported by leading nudge and behavioural design expert Sille Krukow.

The results show promising signs of changing beliefs and behaviour around drink driving. The bars with the highest level of support for the pilot study saw a reduction of drink driving behaviour of up to 50%. 80% of people said the programme would encourage them to support their friends not to drink alcohol if driving.60% of people said the pilot made them think about changing their behavior.14% more customers said it was easier to access alcohol-free beers from control week to test week.

The results also found some interventions could help empower consumers to make the right decision when driving, such as signage encouraging drivers to stay alcohol-free, making alcohol-free drinks prominent, communicating and increasing availability of alcohol-free offers, and driver’s menus, rewarding positive behaviour through driver incentives and bar staff support, prompting people to make the right decision, reminders throughout the car park and bar through signage and POS material.

The campaign which is a global initiative has firmly take root in Nigeria with Nigerian Breweries (Heineken’s Nigerian operations) partnering with Federal Road Safety Commission to drive the project.

Speaking during the flagg off of the partnership with FRSC, Kufre Ekanem, Nigerian Breweries’ Corporate Affairs Adviser explained that the partnership with the FRSC was a major element of the responsible drinking campaign. “This partnership is a major pillar of our responsible consumption campaign which is part of our long term strategic sustainability agenda, Brewing a Better World. This agenda also focuses on the delivery of concrete commitments in areas where our company can directly make impact through its operations,” he said.

And in a bid to deepen the campaign, Heineken recently launched a new communications campaign based on drink driving insights from the company’s research conducted in 2017. The campaign includes a new TV commercial, ‘No Compromises’, featuring F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg and a digital ‘Designated Drivers Pledge’ to help people publicly commit to staying alcohol-free when driving. The campaign focuses on the social pressures surrounding drink driving and uses social proof to empower people to make the right decisions.


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