Experiential marketers better positioned to manage candidates – Adekunle

By Felicia Nwosu

Tade Adekunle, the Project Consultant, Keskese Limited and the immediate former president of the Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria (EXMAN), has said that Nigerian experiential marketing agencies and practitioners are strategically positioned to manage candidates and lead them to victory, especially as they begin to draw their final sprint to the 2023 general elections.

The former EXMAN president stated this in an interview with MARKETING EDGE, while noting that political campaigns are more of experiential. This, he argued, qualifies and positions the sub-sector as the nexus between political candidates and their bridge to success through strategic marketing messages.

Mr. Adekunle also said the Nigerian experiential marketing ecosystem boasts of the best professionals whose invaluable experience can transform political personality brands by helping them to deliver on the policies being advocated.

“When it comes to packaging any politician or any political party, it is the business of marketing communication practitioners. If you have a clear vision, clear ideas of how you want to serve the people, how to improve this nation, we are always willing to play in that area. It is our job and so 2023 will not be different,” he said.

Mr. Adekunle noted that although there may be discrepancies between public perception and the political candidates, the strategic focus of experiential marketers is on the growth and success of the political brand.

“When there is any discrepancy, which might be a perception challenge arising from a candidate’s inability to articulate his/her vision and views properly, ours is to put it in proper perspective. It is all about coming up with a proper strategy to be able to talk to the people and present that person in proper lights. This is what this man stands for or this is what this woman stands for,” said.


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