EXP launches LifePlus platform to boost consumers’ experience

EXP experiential agency has launched its digital platform called ‘LifePlus’ to boost consumers experiences.

Managing Director, EXP, Mr. Gil Kemami, says that introducing the LifePlus platform is another innovative way of exciting its client’s consumers and enables them to have quality experiences while interacting with the brands.

Kemami notes that LifePlus, as a platform goes a long way in enhancing the experiential agency’s ability to meet the consumers’ needs using both the offline and online platforms.

According to him, consumer habits are changing and there is need to be able to meet the consumers where they are and recognize the advancement of digital into marketing.

He says: “Experiential marketing agencies mainly deal with offline kind of businesses but in our case, we probably combine offline and online in the solutions that we offer to our clients. What you expect from EXP  is that innovation we call LifePlus which is the combination of offline and online. That is how we have been doing offline and we also try to see how we can develop such in an online platform because again we all live on smartphones, feature phones, and we actually say can we have the consumer experience the brand from their androids phones, the answer is yes”

Apart from the LifePlus platform, Kemami says the agency is known for excellence in the execution of all its strategies to facilitate the sales of the goods and services of its clients.

He adds, “That is why the group office in Johannesburg, South Africa says innovation with LifePlus is launched by EXP and excellent in execution. I think excellence in execution is what we believe will somehow contribute to distinguish us better from our competitors in the experiential industry.”




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