Digital marketing experts predict more AI utilization in 2022

By Ibidunni Banjoko

Practitioners in digital marketing and new media have predicted that organisations will utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and personalisation technologies more to better improve ‘audience targeting’ with regards to advertising in 2022.

The forecast was made during a special session held recently by the Association of Digital Marketing Professionals (ADMARP) in Lagos.

Commenting, Ized Uanikhehi, CEO/ CMO, Loose Media Limited, said that a lot more incorporation of AI and personalization technologies will be seen in the digital marketing space for improved insights that will help targeting, most likely to purchase customers very precisely.

Mr. Uanikhehi noted that marketing will be a lot less “try your luck” this year and more data-driven.

While commenting on timing, he said: “More businesses and marketers are utilizing AI and personalization technologies to reach their customers at the right times e.g. Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Insights, etc.

“A Nigerian company to watch out for will be Spire – their technologies aid in helping brands better understand their audiences and enhance customer experiences. They can also improve the accuracy of their marketing campaigns, thus giving better ROI.”

Arguing that privacy is a major concern for internet users, as people are becoming more security conscious, the agency boss submitted: “Platforms already using algorithms will evolve, others not using them will become algorithm based. There are and will be a lot of algorithm shifts in social media platforms. In order to stay relevant, brands must constantly evolve by understanding the algorithms at different points in time, to ensure their content is visible.

“Key things for marketers to note is that this will open up a personnel need in 2022 while AI and algorithms experts, ensuring that every content visibility is maximized.”

Commenting on the rise in performance/precision marketing demand, Beiersdorf Temitayo Ige, Brand Manager, Digital (Central, East & West Africa), said AR will be on the rise both from a resource and brand point of view. She noted that the performance/ precision marketing demand will lead to a need for more data (1st party as much as possible) and increase personalisation.

“Brands will seek opportunities to offer more digital services as value addition in place of steep discounts. Influencers partnerships will be more about conversions and not only reach, awareness and engagement,” she said.

During his presentation, Stanislaus Olusegun Martins, the agency partner, SSA at Meta predicted that Augmented Reality will continue to serve as one of the best opportunities for digital marketers to promote their products effectively in 2022.

According to him, AR makes it easy for a customer to visualize the product before purchasing hence digital packaging makes it more engaging and drives higher sales.

He also urged digital marketers to study metaverse and the role it will play in the digital space in the New Year, adding that it will impact the ‘Rise of Content Creators and Influencers’.

Mr. Martins noted that the e-commerce sector is thriving fast globally and innovative minds are putting forward new and sustainable solutions to make the sector thrive even better. He predicted an increased deployment of solutions to make online shopping seamless.

The agency partner urged marketers to review their processes to understand how the action by Google will impair the ability to target individuals.

Commenting on Measurement and Testing, he said: “Over the years, measuring the true value of marketing or influencer campaigns has been the biggest challenge for the marketing communicator. Before the arrival of Independent PR measurement services, it used to be so nightmarish to calculate value with a 360 degrees approach.”

Mr. Martins predicted that in the New Year and beyond, clients will demand more to see whether agency practitioners met their set objectives and overall goals just as they promised in their strategic plan.


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