Amstel Malta: Positioning on the crest of nourishment

Feelers emanating from the Nigerian beverages market have revealed that malt drinks account for a segment of the total carbonated volumes consumed in the country.

According to Canadean, an online research portal, Nigeria is the third largest malt market, ranking behind Venezuela and Colombia. In this market, there are quite a few who are major players and are doing excellently well in terms of market share, consumer loyalty, patronage and brand positioning.

Amongst the different players in the competitive market, Amstel Malt stands shoulder higher than competitors in terms of brand value, essence and promise.

Amstel Malta is a premium malt drink brand from the stable of Nigerian Breweries Plc with rich international heritage. Through its evolutionary course, Amstel Malta has not only perfected the art and science of presenting consumers with a Malta brew that speaks to the brand’s philosophy of bringing the best out of its consumers, it has also mastered the art of capturing and remaining in the mind and consciousness of the consumers through appropriate and timely brand positioning campaigns. It has wrought such marketing and branding strategies that have established the brand’s staying power and relevance leveraging line extension, technology and trends thus strengthening the brand and giving it a more contemporary brand image and appeal. In its evolution as a brand, Amstel Malta has gone beyond customer satisfaction to identifying with the causes and interests that are dear to the customers. This, according to experts, is the acme of customer engagement.

For more than 25 years, Amstel Malta has supported consumers’ busy lifestyles by supplying them with carefully produced high-quality, nutritious beverages in stylish easy-to-hold packaging. The brand has won the hearts of Nigerians everywhere as the signature companion for any meal, and a go-to drink for all occasions. Its lesser sugar and carbohydrates contents while keeping all of its full, premium flavour and great taste are winning attributes for the health-conscious yet tasteful and avant-garde consumers that form the brands target niche.

As a brand that is concerned about the health and potentials for best living of its consumer, Amstel has ‘walked her talk’ by brewing and presenting its consumers the healthiest malt drink. Apart from this, the brand has consistently been true to “promoting healthy living of Nigerians in all spheres of life”.  In sports, the arts, and youth empowerment, Amstel has remained consistent with enjoining and empowering Nigerians, especially the youth to be and live their best. This is exemplified in the sponsorship of the 2018 FitFam Fest, promoting the arts by availing lucky consumers the chance to watch ‘‘Moremi The Musical” and the sponsorship and celebration of Team Nigeria at Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020. These, coupled with the regular Amstel Malta Box Office Television Reality Show, are some of the ways Amstel has been pushing the ‘be your best, live your best’ philosophy to its consumers.

This premium malt brand has always identified with the dreams and aspirations of the Nigerian youth. Now, more than any time in the annals of Nigeria, the youth seems to be adrift on a vessel whose captain could not read the rustic compass in his possession. In such dire situations like this, Amstel is sending a message of hope that the youth should look within, rekindle hope, zest for life and the ‘can do’ spirit as the catalyst to activating their potential for living their best life. This is being done with the brand message; My Time Is Now.

Are you the youth, struggling, yet to achieve your desired station in life, but is determined and full of courage to dig in and make meaning out of life and realize your life’s dream? Are you that individual who out of personal drive and strength worked through the grit to personal success or the person with a peculiar challenge and was able to overcome such? Amstel Malta, as always, identifies with you and wants you to know that Amstel Malta is the premium drink that inspires you to ‘Be Your Best’ and believe ‘My Time Is Now’.

In a society where it seems nothing is working; hope has to be kept alive and people naturally gravitate towards platforms that give them the opportunity to be who they truly want to be and become better in their respective fields. Similarly, ours is a society where parents project their aspirations into the lives of their children not minding what the interests and aspirations of the children are. Such children find themselves struggling to succeed in fields that do not suit them or where they find no fulfilment.

To these and every other people who find themselves in limiting of challenging circumstances and situations, Amstel Malta’s powerful message is, “We have your back, we have you in mind and we support you through the difficult quest of being your best. Do not allow your destiny to be dictated to you by anyone. Take your matters into your own hands and achieve your own ambition. The time is now.”

Also, for those to whom it is taking longer to get to that destination; those who just took the bold step to start the journey of being their best; those who have  under estimated their little achievements because they are not on the big ticket yet and those whose feet have been steadily planted on the path of being the best, Amstel identifies with you and assures you that, “goals are not achieved without little milestones and these milestones are the drivers, the true indicators that you are on the path to success.”

And to everyone, young or old, whatever your goal or aspiration, Amstel Malta wants you to know that to live your best, you have to be your best. To be your best, you need proper nourishment for your body and soul. Amstel Malta is that nourishing malt drink that replenishes lost energy and helps you maintain that youthful personality and persona; live an active lifestyle and be in best shape to live your best. After all, “You have just one life to live. Live it in every possible way that suits you.”

Being the best in whatever endeavour one is engaged in, is the dream, aspiration, target, goal and desire of every success-loving individual. Life, however, does not throw success at our feet. Goal attainments do not usually come easy. Challenges of life, mitigating factors or circumstances, accidental occurrences or personal slack are some of the obstacles that stand between where and what we are now and the success we want to be.  Hence, the saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going” may sound cliché, but it’s a truism. It is a good description of the mindset of the successful person. This is the philosophy and the message behind Amstel Malta’s My Time is Now Campaign.


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