Airtel launches Smart Talk Campaign Series 2

Leading telecom company, Airtel has launched series 2 of its popular and highly rated Igboro TV campaign with a view to promoting its Smart Talk data offering package before its teeming subscribers.

The Smart Talk TVCs were launched mid August this year amidst pomp and pageantry to the network’s target with lots of excitements and talkability.

MARKETING EDGE authoritative inside sources hinted that the Airtel Smart Talk TVC featuring Bayo (Gabriel Afolayan) was in two parts. The source revealed that “two TVCs from the first part series were released. These are “Mr. Suspicious and “The Mechanic”.

Speaking on the rationale behind the Series 2 of the New campaign, Creative Director of Noah’s Ark, the handler agency of Airtel, Mr. Abolaji Alausa, disclosed that “Airtel Smart Talk TVC was originally planned as a two part. The second TVC of the two part series shows a previously “Igboro” minded Bayo seemingly more trusting than before after having imbibed the Smart Talk philosophy that “with trust comes peace of mind”, he said.

Regarding the nexus between the first part and the new one, Alausa stated that “the second part series of the TVC provides a closure in terms of message delivery that not only complements the first part, but also brings it to completion”.

MARKETING EDGE intelligence reports revealed that the impact of the TVC campaign cannot be underestimated as it generated no fewer than 20million views in less than 50days, thus making the Smart Talk campaign by far one of Nigeria’s most loved and talked about campaigns with well above average positive sentiments across its social media platforms.

Top industry source hinted that the Nigerian telecommunication’s landscape from a voice point of view offer packages that are laced with ambiguities and caveats. After much research, Airtel was said to have discovered that there was a shift from flat tariff communications to frenzy communications for “pimped up” voice bonus plans.

By introducing Smart Talk, Airtel sources hinted, “a voice tariff plan that enables subscribers to call all networks at a flat rate of 11k/seconds (with N7 calls after first call of the day), the brand has addressed a grossly under-serviced market fostering tremendous growth even at the campaign’s inception:

The campaigns’ creative philosophy is “Free Your Mind” as “Smart Talk, a voice call tariff/plan whose communication emphasizes trust as a compelling reason for telecommunications subscribers to switch from existing plans to other networks and move to Airtel Smart Talk. Thus, the communication message and philosophy “Free your Mind”.

However, it can be safely argued that the only change or difference between the initial version of the TVC and the new one is demonstrated in the character of Bayo, the man everyone calls “Igboro” as he is no longer paranoid. Rather he is now a man free of trust issues because like Airtel Smart Talk, once you free your mind, you build trust. And with trust, comes peace of mind.

The new TVC campaign is in sync with Airtel’s entrenched culture of deep rooted story telling in communicating its brand essence, promise and purpose to its ever-growing subscribers list.

In recent times, almost all the creative works by Airtel have become legendary and renowned for resonating passionately with the gsm telephony audience. Not only have they won laurels and creative crystal awards at different creative contests, most of the campaigns have been well rated in terms of ease of recall, talkability and top of the mind awareness creation.


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