Advertising, digital marketing recorded growth in 2017- Lampe Omoyele

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of 141 Worldwide, Lampe Omoyele has disclosed that advertising and digital marketing recorded remarkable growth in 2017 compared to the previous year.

He said this at a recent forum in Lagos, where he noted that the growth has been driven by Nigeria’s exit from recession and a growing purchasing power on the part of consumers.

“Year 2017 from a marketing perspective has certainly been better in terms of performance over the past one and half years, as the Nigerian economy gradually got out of recession. We are seeing a bit more activities in the marketing context; we are seeing more activities in advertising and also the digital marketing. We are hopeful that 2018 will be more productive for marketing.”

In addition, Lampe disclosed that achieving success in marketing endeavors in 2018 “Is about pursing excellence in marketing, being in touch with global happenings and trends, driving hard to match global standards and at the same time also thinking locally, such that marketers are relevant to the target market of their various brands, “he stated.

In the same vein, President/Chairman of Council, National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN), Tony Agenmonmen has advised marketing practitioners to research, listen to consumers, innovate, strategize and practice within the confine of the law in their quest to succeed in the Nigerian market.

While acknowledging that the year 2017 has been challenging for the profession he expressed hope that 2018 was going to be a better year considering the country’s exit from recession and the increasing consumers’ purchasing power.

“2017 has been a difficult year for everybody including our marketing people but within that context they have been able to pull a lot of weight. Essentially, the challenge to marketing people is whether there is recession or no recession they have a job to do because as long as human being exist there will always be a consumer and as long as the consumers are there, there is always a job for us to do but you might then change your strategy a little,” Agenmonmen said.


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