AB InBev rolls out global campaign to create a better world

As the global community hurts over racial inequality and social justice that sparked mass protests in America and major cities across the world, AB InBev, the world’s largest brewing company, has launched an advertising campaign to create an open global platform where people of drinking age can identify and help proffer solutions on how to make the world a better and saner place to coexist.

The theme of the campaign is “Together for a Better World” and is aimed at bringing everyone together for a better and stronger present and future. The timing of the campaign is apt as the current environment is causing everyone to reevaluate what it means to be together to make the world better.

“Our current environment is causing all of us to re-evaluate what it means to be together.

“For us, it has meant joining efforts to support our communities, our partners, and each other during these challenging times; we are stronger and better when we work together,” said AB InBev Global VP of marketing culture & capabilities, Jodi Harris.

He noted that the campaign was born out of the power of unlocking creativity in AB InBev internal public on regular basis which was made more manifest by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The creativity and agility from working together over the past few months has been game-changing. In the first 90 days of the pandemic, we launched 100 new initiatives to help people. As a big global CPG, we utilised our existing infrastructure, footprint, and relationships for good. Never before have we seen the power of ideas, from our own colleagues and from consumers, make a real difference in people’s lives,” he said.

Through the platform, the company is extending the frontiers beyond America boundaries to escalate the search for creative ideas to deliver solutions to ever-changing consumers’ needs.

“We believe creativity can make the world a better place and great ideas can come from anywhere. Through this platform, we hope to inspire other creative problem-solvers to share their ideas for tackling the changing needs of our consumers. We have a long history of using our capabilities, our relationships and our reach to bring people together when it’s needed most,” Harris stated.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has disrupted lives and businesses as companies and brands are pivoting to take action to champion meaningful, innovative, scalable ideas to reimagine changing consumer needs in the areas of social gatherings and spaces, wellbeing, entertainment and sports, as well as new products and experiences.

Through this platform, AB InBev hopes to bring its corporate purpose to life through the power of creativity. By giving consumers a unique opportunity to share their vision, AB InBev is harnessing collective creativity to solve problems and improve the lives of their consumers.

The company said the campaign, which launched in US, will roll out in other markets over the next few months.


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