What you should know about Maltina 1000 Smiles campaign

Happiness and genuine smiles are the selling points that characterise the Maltina 1000 Smiles, a campaign launched by the Nigerian Breweries.

The campaign was launched in partnership with Noble Igwe, a media entrepreneur and blogger, who travelled across different states in the country with the Maltina ‘Happiness Team’ to uncover many inspiring stories that encourage Nigerians to remain happy, even in challenging circumstances.

According to the Portfolio Manager, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Ngozi Ngonadi-Nkwoji, “A smile has the potential to change moments in people’s lives, can improve the moods of those that we meet daily, and can inspire communities – thereby changing the world one person at a time. We believe that smiles can inspire the world, which influenced our mission to share happiness, while also emphasising Maltina’s position as the No.1 nourishing malt drink, specially made from natural ingredients to give the complete richness of malt to Nigerians.”

Among the scenarios of the campaign was the encounter of the ‘Happiness Team’ with Sanni, a young man from Kaduna, who pushes wheelbarrow for a living and provide for mother and siblings. The Maltina ‘Happiness Team’ was able to make Sanni smile, as he posed for a photograph with Noble Igwe.

According to him, being able to support his mother and take care of his siblings is one of the things that make him happy.

Identified only as Chi-Chi, a young lady in Nnewi, Anambra State, shared her story. She is a student and on holiday. Rather than being idle, Chi-Chi spent the holiday helping her mother in her book-binding business, because what gives her joy is seeing her mother happy.

Another scenario was an 83-year-old Grandma Aundu, living in Makurdi, Benue State.

Grandma Aundu’s grandson had sent a message to Maltina’s social media page to surprise his mother.

In his words: “Aundu Voobor, my grandmother, she’s 83, probably the strongest woman I know. Growing without a father figure, she was partly my go-to when it came to relationships and other advice.”

At the end of every scene, the ‘Happiness Team’ gives each participates a bottle of Maltina.

The goal of the campaign is to capture 1000 smiles across the country.

“Regardless age, gender, or background, the ‘Maltina 1000 Smiles’ campaign was an opportunity to share exciting experiences with many consumers that we met, giving us a chance to create happy moments and share happiness,” said Ngonadi-Nkwoji.

In spirit of the festivity, Maltina would unveil the campaign, where pictures and stories of 1000 Nigerians will be shared.

The campaign emphasises more on what Maltina represents – a brand that inspires everyone to share their moments of happiness with loved ones.

For the brand, “little things” are what bring genuine happiness. Maltina encourages customers and consumers to find happiness in life’s little moments.


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