‘We hope to become a major player in the ad industry’

Managing Director of Noah’s Ark Advertising Agency Mr. Lanre Adisa, has said that the agency was determined to work harder and become a major player in the advertising world not only in Nigeria but in the global scene.

Speaking during the launching of the agency’s new office at GRA, Ikeja Lagos, Adisa stressed he is looking forward to a time where his agency will become the benchmark for assessing the advert sector in Nigeria.

“We will like to play at a bigger level and most importantly, to become the yardstrick to measure the Nigeria’s advertising sector, because we believe that we are capable of doing great things. We will never stop believing in this great vision and we hope that we can inspire more people to do that as a business philosophy,” he added.

While expressing his gratitude to God and the many guests at the occassion, the Noah Ark boss noted, that his agency had always been on the move with a great vision for expansion, adding that, that was the reason behind the recent relocation to the new office.

According to him, the agency which started about eight years ago at Allen Avenue in a small office space later moved to Motorways and from there to Maryland before finally relocating to its present location.
Adisa added “If there is anything that dragged me into this complex world of running an agency it is the fact that we needed to make a generational statement, and hoping that with that, we can inspire other people, and eight years down the line, we think that is beginning to happen”.

“How many of you know where we were when we started on Allen Avenue, I mean it was just about the size of this room but the dream was bigger than that room and I think the dream is still bigger than where we are today. We left Allen Avenue for Motor Ways and at some point we felt Motor Ways was also getting smaller for us and from there we went to Maryland”

“In going to Maryland, of course, we realized also that we needed to move on to have more space, it is a more inspiring feat, it is not just about moving, but as you know, our business is about people, something that can excite our people and our clients as well and we think that we find that space around here. We believe that the journey continues for us and there is a whole lot more that will happen, I can assure you, our dream is beyond where we are now,” he added.

Adisa affirmed that Noah’s Ark remains one of the thriving advertising agencies in the country because it was delivering on the advertising spend of its clients.


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