Vivo Magazine debuts to promote wellness

Founder and Editor in Chief of Vivo Magazine, Mrs. Toyosi Gbede, has said that the newly launched Vivo Magazine will raise awareness and educate Nigerians on how to live longer.

While delivering her welcome address during the unveiling of the Magazine at GRA Ikeja, Lagos, Gbede stressed that she felt very bad knowing that life expectancy in Nigeria is dropping drastically by the day.

She said: ”I am worried about seeing Nigerians with a life expectancy of about 54 years for males and 58 years for females. So, I am happy about the fact that we need to be well, we are blessed, we have good weather, and we have good food, so why should we be dropping down, cancer today, hypertension tomorrow”

“I think it is about education, people need to be educated and when they are educated, then I think they will live a better life. It is actually a corporate presentation of Vivo Magazine; Vivo Magazine is one of the brands of Vivo” Gbede added.

She further pointed out that the magazine would be coming out on a quarterly basis, and that the primary focus of the magazine is to enlighten and encourage people to life an experiential life of wellness.

While delivering the keynote address at the event, CEO of Healthcarefirst Consultants Incorporated and Optimum Wellness Concept Incorporated both in U.K, Dr. Lekan Bello, said that there are different components of wellness which Nigerians must embrace.

Bello said that both the government, individuals and experts in the industry have their various roles to play to help Nigerians live a better and a longer life.
He admonished the government to stop concentrating on the aspect of wellness that cures sicknesses or diseases rather they should focus on the preventive measures.

Commending Mrs. Gbede for launching the Vivo Magazine, he noted that Nigerians can now tap into the trillion dollars wellness business, as the magazine is going to address different dimensions of wellness as well as promotes wellness amongst individuals and corporate world in Nigeria.

Bello said:”I want a situation in Nigeria where all the dimensions in wellness is adequately addressed because it is about time we do that. It is not just about physical fitness that is one problem that we all have including the government”

The high point of the event was the unveiling of the Vivo Magazine by the Chairman of the Board of Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, Dr. Bamidele Makanjoula.


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