Terragon Group holds webinar for third-party cookie extinction


Global marketing and data technology firm, Terragon will be hosting a webinar themed “Online Advertising in a post-cookie world: Delivering Personalized Ads with the Terragon CDP and Facebook Conversions API.” The webinar is scheduled to hold 11:00am, April 8, 2021 and only limited slots available.

The webinar was launched to address the growing concerns of digital marketers and advertisers across the globe following Google’s decision to phase out third-party cookies which for decades has aided the industry in terms of serving personalized ads.

The webinar will feature Industry experts from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Facebook.
Emily Wilson, a Product Marketing and Partnerships Manager at Facebook, will be speaking on the value of building customer trust through engagements and the challenges the extinction of cookies present. She will also introduce the Facebook Conversions API as a solution to help Brands prepare for a post-cookie world.

Chris Humphrey, a Marketing and Strategy Consultant at PwC will be speaking on how Brands must leverage first-party data and data management tools for improved customer engagement; thereby building customer loyalty and improving RoAS (Returns on AdSpend).

Terragon announced: “We would be hearing from a multinational Brand on what phasing out cookies means for their online advertising strategy and Budget allocation. This webinar will ultimately highlight the imminent threat the phasing out of cookies poses to online advertising both to Brands and Agencies; possible solutions and the value our Facebook partnership – the world’s largest “digital identity” source brings to bear in enabling super-charged connections, in Africa.”

Registration link: bit.ly/TerragonFacebook



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