Sifax Group named Outstanding Maritime Company of the Decade

By Felicia Nwosu

Sifax Group, a holistic service provider company with expertise cutting across trade, marketing, global merchant representative, engineering services, project and consulting services, has being named MARKETING EDGE Outstanding Maritime Company of the Decade. This was in recognition of outstanding accomplishment in the Nigeria maritime industry by the Sifax Group. The MARKETING EDGE Annual Brands and Advertising Awards of Excellence held recently in Ikeja, Lagos.

Philips Ojo, Corporate Communications Department of the Sifax Group, while expressing his excitement over the award during an interview, said: “For this award, we are happy to be recognised for our hard work. We are happy that MARKETING EDGE has considered us, and deemed us fit to be awarded the Outstanding Maritime Company of the Decade. It will go a long way in boosting our morale to do more in the coming years.

Mr. Ojo explained that the whole world was affected by the pandemic but the shipping industry where Sifax belongs, as an essential services company, was basically the life-wire of the world economy during that period. He further explained that the shipping industry remained functional to allow for movement of goods and services to avoid panic and extreme hunger round the globe during the height of the pandemic.

This, he said, was in order to stay afloat to service Nigerians and the economy. The communication specialist attributed bad road network within the Apapa axis as a major challenge in accessing the sea port. He mentioned several other challenges such as government policies, insecurity, and the use of an app for uneducated truck drivers, as well insufficient sensitization to enlighten some of the stakeholders.

Giving a projection of the Sifax Group, he said: “Our five years strategic planning is to first conquer the African market and then go global. We will achieve this by partnering with various African governments, investing in various African companies while slowly moving to global.”

He emphasised that Sifax Group’s unique selling point remains the fact that it’s a company that offers inter-related and interdependent logistic services to all customers, with assurance and reliability for result-oriented outcome.

SIFAX Group is a group of companies with investment in Maritime, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Haulage & Logistics, Financial Services and Hospitality. The company has built a reputation of excellent service delivery anchored on the foundation of competent workforce, world-class services, consumer-centric philosophy, tailor-made business solutions and modern equipment deployment.

Its consumer-centric philosophy compels it to put the customers and their best interest at the centre of its operations. The Group constantly reviews the company’s processes and innovates in order to meet the dynamic and unique need of each customer. Sifax Group has its terminal at Tincan Island and Apapa, Lagos.


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