Seaman’s Schnapps unveils “Unlock Your Blessings” campaign

By Felicia Nwosu

As part of its tradition in recognising and celebrating success across the board, Seaman’s Schnapps, Nigeria’s No.1 iconic cultural and prayer drink brand, has unveiled its new campaign. Tagged “Unlock Your Blessings”, the campaign is designed to re-awaken consumers’ consciousness while acknowledging everyday blessing, inspiring hope as well as promoting a sense of gratitude among Nigerians across the country.

Highlighting the essence of the campaign, Adebowale Bojuwade, the Senior Brand Manager, Seaman’s Schnapps, attested that the campaign, no doubt, resonated with the brand’s critical role and vision over six decades which is anchored on culture, tradition, prayer and blessing.  He noted that the campaign will foster a positive mindset in consumers towards developing a spontaneous attitude of appreciation and gratitude amid various economic challenges confronting their daily lives. These cardinal values, he stated, are aimed at preserving Nigeria’s cultural heritage and celebrating consumers’ success stories irrespective of their daily life struggles.

Photo caption: L-R: Lead Account Management, 7even Interactive Ltd, Gloria Emeh; Head of strategy, 7even interactive Ltd, Obasi Samuel; Senior Brand manager, Seaman’s Schnapps, Grand Oak Limited, Adebowale Bojuwade; Director, Mainstream Business, Grand Oak Limited, Olofin Olubusuyi and Marketing Manager, Mainstream Business, Grand Oak Limited, Gbemileke Lawal, during the media parley briefing in Lagos.

“This campaign aligns perfectly with our brand’s mission of providing spiritual encouragement and serves as an enabler of blessings in the lives of our consumers. People usually associate blessings with landmark moments such as childbirth, weddings and career success, so Seaman’s Schnapps through the unlock your blessings campaign, is encouraging everyone to see everyday blessings, such as good health, safety, sleeping and waking up, and the ability to afford basic needs as blessings worthy of gratitude especially during amidst various economic challenges mitigating against us. It encourages individuals to also appreciate those things they see as little. It captures the essence of gratitude and hope, reminding us to appreciate the blessings around us, no matter how small. By celebrating everyday blessings and expressing gratitude, we unlock the path to greater joy and blessings,” Bojuwade said.

The senior brand manager reaffirmed that the “Unlock Your Blessings” campaign focuses on encouraging Nigerians to acknowledge everyday success while thriving on the path of success. According to him, there is a need to understand that blessings, whether big or small, are sought after by everyone for their ability to enhance the hope that will transcend to greater successes and celebrations. Seaman’s Schnapps, the legacy and iconic brand over the years understands that everyone aims and desires blessings irrespective of their age, gender or race, and brings about spiritual uplifting.

Further reaffirming the role of the campaign, Busuyi Olofin, Director, Mainstream Business, noted that the legendary gin brand has over the years become an icon for its celebratory, cultural value promotion. He validated the fact that Seaman’s Schnapps has established itself as a market leader in promoting cultural heritage and values.

Photo caption: L-R: Head of Strategy, 7even interactive Ltd, Obasi Samuel; Marketing Manager, Mainstream Business, Grand Oak Limited, Gbemileke Lawal; Director, Mainstream Business, Grand Oak Limited, Olofin Olubusuyi; Lead Account Management, 7even Interactive Ltd, Gloria Emeh and Senior Brand manager, Schnapps, Grand Oak Limited, Adebowale Bojuwade, during the media parley briefing in Lagos.

“It encourages Nigerians to appreciate every little blessing in their lives. Seaman’s Schnapps has always been an enabler of blessings. This brand has been passed on to us from generation to generation; our fathers have given credence to it, we the children have also seen the credence of the brand. If there is any brand that helps you elevate your blessing, it is actually Seaman’s Schnapps. It is easy to get lost in what is happening around you, especially with our aspirations for quality life, they are good but we must appreciate everything that comes our way, you don’t say it is small, whether small or big. You must show gratitude to activate the mode for more blessings,” Olofin said.


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