Ribena Set to Award 1,200 Children for Exhibiting Good Values

Ribena, one of the leading nutritional fruit drink from the stables of Suntory Beverage and Food Nigeria Ltd under The Ribena Bridges to Goodness School Project, on May 27th – Children’s day, will be recognizing and awarding 1,200 children across 600 schools who have over the last months displayed good values and exemplary character and inculcated them in their everyday living.

Ribena initiated this life impacting good values intra-school program over a month ago in partnership with Bridges To Goodness Projects to further entrench good values and healthy living among children in schools across Nigeria.

The 1,200 children to be celebrated were selected from participating schools and were awarded based on a pedigree of the good values and exemplary character they have inculcated and exhibited. Ribena is putting this event together with the hope of making the world and our society a better place.

Speaking on the forth coming maiden edition of the “Ribena Good Values Awards”, the Brand Manager, Ribena, Mr. Essien Ekemini said we have chosen to mark this year’s children’s day by celebrating and awarding one thousand and two hundred children from various schools across Lagos who participated in The Ribena Bridges to Goodness School Project an initiative aimed at helping young children learn to make better life choices and lead value-driven lives that would mould them into better individuals and citizens in future.

According to Ekemini, “Ribena believes that goodness takes hold when it is made fun and interesting. Ribena believes that fundamentally, imbibing and building good values in children will ultimately translate into a better society with responsible citizens. Ribena also believes that when these good values are delivered in a fun manner, they stick better with children easily. This view expresses Ribena’s new positioning of “Goodness Made Fun”. This is why we will be awarding 1,200 children on Saturday.”

Earlier announcing the programme, the Marketing Director, Suntory Beverage and Food, Mrs. Rosemary Akpo, said the programme is a national initiative that is strategically important particularly now that young people in Nigeria are faced with several issues and external influences, which are challenging their development.

According to Akpo the initiative will go a long way in helping to mould right leaders for tomorrow. We are working at ensuring the programme spreads across the nation and that is why we are partnering with B2G in this first of its kind, program. We are proud that we are supporting the efforts of the parents, guardians and the government to produce young people that will grow with the kind of values that will positively affect lives and also make them relevant in the scheme of national development” Akpo said.

The “Ribena Good Values” School Programme was flagged off recently with a mandate to interface with public and private schools that desire to participate in the programme.


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