Quickteller: The making of “Everything is Possible” thematic campaign

Quickteller, Nigeria’s leading payment services platform on the stable of Interswitch recently launched a new television thematic campaign through which the company aims to connect with the teeming product consumers in the Nigerian market. The television campaign which goes with the pay-off “Everything Is Possible” has continued to generate high level of curiosity amongst consumers and market watchers who question the true intent of the campaign and the message it seeks to pass across.

What is particularly interesting is the creative idea behind the campaign which is expressed via two separate story lines sub titled “The Big Idea” and “Possibilities”. One common denominator to the two thematic campaigns is the fact that they both tend to push the ideas of presenting Quickteller as one platform that is strictly for payments.

An interesting  feature of the new campaign concept is that it uses the platform of a humorous meeting whereby a group of comedians or social media acts enacted a sort of ‘pitch discussion’ where a series of ‘big ideas’ were suggested, communicating the fact that it’s possible to do absolutely everything using the Quickteller platform.

The commercial features well known and loved celebrities amongst whom were Bovi, a leading Nigerian comedian, Ini Dima Okojie, a well respected Nollywood actress and Eric Omondi a Kenyan based comedian who is acknowledged to be one of the best comedians in Africa.

The notion conveyed through the campaign act was such that the celebrities tried to outdo each other through the scale of their imaginations and that buttresses the fact that Quickteller could help you pay for anything you can imagine the humour comes from the craziness of their ideas.

The latest campaign efforts, simply put, is a re-enforcement to Quickteller’s earlier campaign which emphasises the basic fact that consumers on the Quickteller platform need nothing to worry about given that Quickteller was out to adequately address everything that pertains to their payment challenges.

Prior to the making of the latest campaign, users on Quickteller platform had associated the platform to making only basic payments.  To the consumers, it was largely unknown that other forms of payment solutions could be made possible using the Quickteller platform.

It is in this regard that the new TV campaign comes handy in that it goes a long way to enlighten consumers that by using Quickteller, “Everything Is Possible” to the extent that the platform provides for other payment solutions.

The campaign goes further to educate the consumer on the fact that beyond the usual payment service offerings that Quickteller is known for, they stand to also benefit from a wider range of other service options through Quickteller such as among other things, payment of toll fees as well as other payment  from state governments.

The campaign emphasises the fact that using Quickteller platforms, consumers could, right from the comfort of their bedrooms, purchase airtime, send money through to family and friends and book flight tickets ahead of their travel schedules.

Other offerings made possible through the Quickteller platform include payments of bills for Cable TV, payment of electricity bills, shopping from over 100 global stores, availability of quick loan services,  and purchase of event ticket and everything in between.


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