Powerhouse Multimedia expands frontiers of advertising experience with real-time location marketing

By Zion Rufus

Powerhouse Multimedia is redefining the landscape of Digital Out of Home Advertisement (DOOH) in Nigeria with its cutting-edge digital LED trucks designed for maximum brand visibility. This innovative approach to advertising provides brands with a versatile platform to execute various marketing strategies, engaging audiences in real-time.

At the forefront of this advertising revolution, Powerhouse Multimedia introduces mobile LED billboard trucks that engage consumers at crucial purchase points throughout their day. These trucks offer a unique and impactful advertising experience, allowing advertisers to monitor ad impressions in real-time.

In an exclusive interview with Marketing Edge at a brand experience event hosted by Powerhouse Multimedia at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Ikeja, Danielle Ibraheem, CEO of PowerHouse Multimedia, expressed the company’s commitment to providing brands with the opportunity to take their message mobile.

“The goal of our event was to showcase our services and create a space to network with clients. One of our goals was for attendees to virtually place themselves along the routes of our service using Virtual Reality,” said Ibraheem.

“The highlight of the evening was during the Q&A session when a gentleman stated that he had seen our LED Mobile Billboards stationed for the event. He scanned the QR code on the screen and got the details and that is how he ended up in the audience. That’s a true testament to the power of location marketing and the benefits it can bring to your business. As I mentioned this evening Out-of-Home advertising is a tried and tested method of engaging your intended audience.”

Covering high-profile areas and metropolitan routes such as Ikeja, Surulere, and Victoria Island, Powerhouse Multimedia ensures that brands can connect with potential customers and vast audiences across various demographics.

Highlighting the versatility of the company’s LED trucks, capable of accommodating various marketing strategies from experiential marketing to grand openings, Ibraheem stated further, “This demonstrates how location can influence your brand experience and how mobilizing your audience adds value to your marketing plan by reaching multiple demographics and locations.”

Additionally, these LED Mobile billboards are equipped with GPS tracking and IP cameras offer detailed daily route reports and billboard content visibility as the company ensures the provision of impression reports to help media buyers justify spending in this category.

“Many businesses are feeling the pain of the economic state at this moment but with a lot of thought it was decided that this is the perfect time to create an experience for clients to see the potential of our services with LED Mobile billboards,” the CEO explained. 

Seun Adedapo, Business Development Manager at Powerhouse Multimedia, highlighted the potential of the mobile LED billboard advertising industry in Nigeria, describing it as a game-changer. While the concept is not entirely new in Nigeria, awareness and understanding of this advertising form are limited. Adedapo explained that Powerhouse Multimedia aims to address this gap by showcasing its services at brand experience events, providing insights into how the mobile billboard trucks operate and their versatile functionality.

She said “As a society that loves entertainment, we, as a brand, view mobile billboard engagement as an extension of any ongoing campaigns. Whether it’s for outdoor events, indoor sampling, concerts, conferences, or exhibitions, the possibilities with mobile billboard engagement are limitless. Whether you want to run a brand awareness campaign, roadshows, or market storms, a mobile billboard provides diverse opportunities.”

While mobile LED billboard advertising has existed in Nigeria’s Out-Of-Home advertising industry, Powerhouse Multimedia seeks to unlock its full potential by offering advertising services and educating businesses about the diverse applications and benefits of this innovative medium.

About PowerHouse Multimedia

Powerhouse Multimedia offers services prioritizing real-time engagement, including Route Planning Mobile LED billboard advertising, Experiential Marketing, Brand Awareness Campaigns, Audience Engagement, Indoor Sampling, Market Storms, Product Launches, Sponsored Events, Concerts, and Outdoor Games.

For more information, visit [PowerHouse Multimedia](www.phmultimedia.com).


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