OMO to commence on ultimate showdown challenge

The flagship brand of unilever Nigeria plc OMO, a brand with a finest reputation in its bid to maintain its status as a leading detergent brand in the Nigerian competitive brand management it has embark on ultimate showdown challenge on streets across major cities, proving to consumers the reality of removing toughest stains in just one wash.

A “Wash Demos”, where members of the public will be invited to participate in the challenge and also express their observations as Omo Fast Action detergent goes head to head with competition to settle once and for all which brand is the fastest tough stain remover.

Unilever Nigeria’s Brand Manager for Omo, Sarah Adoki said that the challenge will provide a firsthand experience for the public and help obtain vital and immediate feedback on the cleaning power of Omo Fast Action.

She added that, “anyone can come out with a product and make all sorts of claims about its capabilities. At Omo, we know and believe in the product we have and by staging these challenges, we present the evidence of Omo Fast Action’s cleaning power to the public and let them pass their verdict.”

To add glamour to these Washes, Omo’s celebrity ambassadors and Nollywood stars – FunkeAkindele, ChiomaChukwuka-Akpotha and Ali Nuhu will act as Masters of Ceremony (MC) and help feel the pulse of the people at select locations. Beyond the thrill factor, these celebrities literally lay their reputation on the line when they tell their admiring public what products can best meet their needs.


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