NYF and StrawberryFrog release “Purpose Haze” Episode 2 featuring Vinoo Vijay

  New York Festivals® Advertising Awards and StrawberryFrogCEO Scott Goodson released episode 2 of “Purpose Haze,” a content series dedicated to cutting through the fog of purpose advertising.

Within “Purpose Haze” Scott Goodson breaks down the intricacies of purpose advertising with some of the most influential C-suite marketing leaders at the forefront of purpose-led advertising.

In this latest in-depth interview, Goodson sits down with one of the most visionary marketers leading financial services, Vinoo Vijay, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer for Truist Financial Corporation, a purpose-driven financial services company. Together they unpack the aspects of purpose-driven work that leads to brand stature.

Vinoo Vijay is a champion of client-centric marketing and innovation with decades of experience as a purpose-driven leader in the financial sector. Throughout his career he has helped an impressive number of top-tier companies, including H&R Block, TD Bank, Ally Financial, Bank of America and FedEx, to redefine their brands and client experiences.

Purpose is not a choice anymore. Everyone wants to be in the purpose business in some sense. The challenge of purpose is that it’s very hard to do authentically and have it be believable, and have it be real, and have it really have a transformative effect on the ways that businesses work,” said Vinoo Vijay, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Truist Financial Corporation.

Within the interview Vinoo shares his insights on purpose and the role it plays in personally driving him and Truist. Together these modern marketers tackle distinctive ways to tell a purpose story, the evolution of marketing, activating purpose, the difference between branding and purpose, share clips from Truist’s campaign, and much more.

“Brand purpose is a hot topic and partnering with StrawberryFrog on this series shines a light on the C-suite leaders and world-class companies who are successfully creating brand stature with purpose-driven advertising,” said Scott Rose, President, New York Festivals Advertising Awards Competitions.

View the latest episode of “Purpose Haze”Featuring Vinoo Vijay. Visit HERE to view episode 1 of “Purpose Haze” Featuring: Ramon Soto. Stay tuned for more upcoming episodes of “Purpose Haze.”

For more information on the 2023 New York Festivals Advertising Awards visit HERE. New York Festivals Advertising Awards will announce the 2023 award-winners on July 19th.

The New York Festivals Advertising Awards competition receives entries from more than 60 countries worldwide and is judged by an international jury of more than 400+ members of NYF’s Executive Jury and Grand Jury. NYF’s jury panels collectively cast their votes to select the year’s trophy-winning work.


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