Netflix advertising revenue growth to reach $950m in 2024

By Oluwaseyi Lawal

Netflix has been projected to experience robust advertising growth for its ad-supported tier, with revenues expected to hit $950 million this year. This report is according to eMarketer estimates.

eMarketer Estimates emphasized that a crucial advantage for Netflix is the high ad revenue per viewer from its ad-supported streaming option.

For this year, Netflix is expected to generate an average of $70.44 in ad revenue per viewer for those who watch the service at least once a month on any device, surpassing all competitors. Industry estimates indicate that Netflix has over 20 million U.S. ad-supported users and 40 million globally, compared to Hulu at $45.87, Disney+ at $37.87, Max at $26.49, Peacock at $21.93, and Paramount+ at $8.40.

Netflix’s significant lead over its competitors is projected to persist in the near future, though it will narrow somewhat, with ad revenue per viewer expected to be $59.67 by 2026. This figure remains higher than the projected amounts for Hulu at $42.91 and Disney+ at $35.83, both of which are anticipated to decline from current levels.

Streamers experiencing slower growth include Max at $28.69, Peacock at $26.78, and Paramount+ at $10.10. Max, which is currently behind in this group, is expected to see some gains in ad-supported revenue, rising from an estimated $430 million this year to $500 million in 2025 and $550 million in 2026.

Max has undergone significant programming changes as Warner Bros. Discovery, its owner, has removed some entertainment shows to license them to other platforms and networks, a move analysts say has negatively impacted its overall popularity.

Despite this, Max continues to add more premium live sports advertising inventory to its platform and has been actively promoting itself through live sports events. According to eMarketer, U.S. connected TV advertising is projected to reach $28.75 billion this year, $32.57 billion in 2025, and $44.32 billion by 2028.


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