MultiChoice gives streaming giants run for their money

By Joseph Ekeng

MultiChoice, the largest subscription television company in Africa, is taking action to compete with streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney. To maintain its dominance in the market, MultiChoice has made a significant investment in the billions of rand.

To strengthen its position, MultiChoice has formed a groundbreaking agreement with Comcast, a prominent American media conglomerate. This agreement, established in March, aims to create a pan-Africa streaming platform based on MultiChoice’s existing Showmax platform.

The collaboration will combine locally produced content with internationally licensed content from NBCUniversal and Sky, leveraging the strengths of various content providers. The goal is to create a comprehensive and appealing streaming service for the African audience.

MultiChoice has substantial financial resources to support this ambitious venture. As of March 31, the company had a cash reserve of 7.5 billion rand ($402 million) and access to 9 billion rand in loans. This financial flexibility enables MultiChoice to transform Showmax into the leading streaming platform in Africa.

Although MultiChoice faces challenges of market saturation in its largest market, the company has successfully diversified its revenue streams by expanding into other regions of Africa and venturing into new business segments. This strategic approach has helped MultiChoice overcome the impact of market saturation and maintain its growth.

By making significant investments to counter the threats posed by streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney, MultiChoice is proactively adapting to the changing entertainment industry. Through its partnership with Comcast and its commitment to offering a diverse range of high-quality content, MultiChoice aims to retain its position as Africa’s top subscription television provider while capturing the rapidly growing streaming audience’s attention.


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