Meet MARKETING EDGE 2020 Summit & Awards sponsor – CWAY Group

CWAY as a company was founded by Mr. Onest Che in Nigeria in 1999.The founder, at the initial period of his investment in Nigeria, had no experience of the country or much of Africa.  He was motivated by his passion to bring about improved social welfare schemes and people empowerment via technology towards improving lifestyles in developing countries.

For the above reasons he sacrificed his comfort and time and ventured into Nigeria where he committed his limited resources alongside his strong ambition, hard work and human resource management to started up a small commercial business model which fortunately over time successfully grew into a multinational investment today.

CWAY has had a fast-paced development in the last 20 years. CWAY is now regarded as a self-sustaining company moving towards becoming a global enterprise operating 16 plants across Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, India and China. Thirteen of these plants are located in Nigeria: Lagos, Ota, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, Benin, and Port Harcourt with thousands of employees.

CWAY Water is undoubtedly rated today as the No.1 Nigerian market brand for 18.9liter dispenser refilling water and dispenser machines.

CWAY Water Company is currently Nigeria’s largest and the most advanced Refilling Water Plant in operations with daily sales standing at thousands of tons of treated drinking water and thus contributing immensely to improving the healthy lifestyle of numerous Nigerians.

Other brands from the stable of the CWAY Beverages group include beverages such as Apple/Peach Fruit drinks, Cheers Cocktail, Nutri Milk, NutriYo Yogurt and the latest Maca Energy drinks with production capacity of hundreds of tons. These premium brands in trade locations have progressive market share index rates in Nigeria and its neighboring countries.


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