Marketing Edge Summit: Avenue to learn and be grounded in IMC industry – Experts

Experts in the Integrated Marketing Communications industry have unanimously applauded the organisers of the 2019 MARKETING EDGE National Marketing Stakeholders Summit & Brands and Advertising Awards, noting that the forum provided an opportunity for practitioners to learn new ideas and be grounded in the industry.

The event themed “Story Telling as a New Paradigm Shift in Contemporary Brand Building: Convergence of Creativity and Technology” was held at the prestigious Balmoral Hall in Oregun, Ikeja. The keynote speaker of the summit is one of Nigeria’s most iconic marketing personalities, Professor. Chris Ogbechie of the Lagos Business School.

The Managing Consultant, Market Space Nigeria, George Thorpe, said he was excited on how Professor Chris Ogbeche delivered his speech.

Mr. Thorpe affirmed that the topic of the day was well handled by Professor Ogbeche and was subsequently elaborated upon by the panel of discussants.

He stressed that the organisers of MARKETING EDGE National Marketing Stakeholders Summit & Brands and Advertising Awards were doing a great job and always come up with themes that resonant and educate players
in the industry.

In his words: “I think the topic was handled very well by Professor Chris Ogbechie and the discussants that followed did a marvelous job in elaborating most of the things that he pointed out during his speech.”

Speaking in the same vein, the Managing Director, Oracle Experience, Felix King Eiremiokhae, noted that the ideas and learnings from the summit would contribute greatly to the industry.

Mr. Eiremiokhae pointed out that the event was an eye opener to young practitioners who know little or nothing in the marketing communications space.

In his words: “A lot of people are here to learn one or two things. It’s like basically saying, ‘okay let me come and learn. Many do not understand this industry. When you talk about the marketing industry, what is it all about?

“People don’t even know that in the marketing industry, there are a whole lot of different units that make up the entire Integrated Marketing Communications unit. But I think that programmes like this help people to have a deeper understanding of what this whole industry is all about.”

Meanwhile, the DGM, Communication & Public Relations, Niger Delta Power Holding Company Ltd (NDPHC), Funke Nwankwo, stressed that the topic of the summit was very apt and contemporary adding that it would
greatly help stakeholders in the industry.

While congratulating Marketing Edge for a successful outing, Nwankwo said: “I learnt Marketing Edge does this annually. But this is my first time of participating as a panelist and it’s quite interesting.

“It is a very good way to go in the marketing industry because it is giving people the platform to learn and it is important for you to learn and re-energise yourself in the field where you operate so that you can be relevant in whatever you are doing. So, it is a good thing that they are doing and I really want to say well done to Marketing Edge.”


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