Marketing Edge live chat on Instagram hosts performance management expert, Dapo Akinloye

Given the fact that the COVID- 19 global pandemic has altered the business ecosystem, globally, there is no doubt that performance management and talent development, among other things, are bound to face new realities.

In keeping with its impeccable credentials in thought leadership, MARKETING EDGE, Nigeria’s leading brands and advertising focused; and development oriented magazine, would, on Wednesday, host a performance management and talent development expert, Mr. Dapo Akinloye, on its Instagram live chat.

The chat which will go live to its global audience at 3pm Nigerian time, would focus n the theme, “Post COVID-19 Business Ecosystem: What new Realities for Performance Management and Talent Development?”

Mr. Oladapo Akinloye is the Chief Operating Officer of Emerald Zone, Nigeria. He held senior positions such as Head Human Resources-Commercial Business Group, National Distribution & Route to Market Manager, Commercial Capability & SFE Leader, Human Resources Business Partner & Human Resources Manager in different multinational organisations.

Oladapo led various Projects & Strategy works from Design to Execution: Sales & Marketing Structures and Organisational Redesign; Route to Market, Sales Force Effectiveness, Roll-Out, and Project Management Office (PMO) Implementation.

An Alumnus of the Senior Management Program (SMP) at Lagos Business School (LBS) & Acting Learning MBA from Business School Netherlands Nigeria, he is a learning & Development, Coaching and Mentoring enthusiast. He is also a member of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Learning Academy..

Oladapo has international work exposures to Kenya, France and the UK markets.

He is a member of various professional associations including Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria, Nigeria Institute of Training & Development, Nigeria Institute of Management, Institute of Business Management & Policy Development, Learning & Development Institute, Nigeria as well as Mentoring & Career Development Institute of Nigeria.

Dapo, so simply called, is passionate about performance management, with focus on continuous improvement processes. He is currently involved in Management Consultancy and Learning/Development interventions for various organisations and supporting Business Leaders on strategy crafting and execution.

He develops program for the SME segment as prime driver of the national economy. He has won numerous academic and professional awards and has authored a book and several journals. He currently serves in the Governing Council of the Lagos Business School Alumni Association.

An author of one book and a co-author of another one, he recently launched his co-authored book titled, “Winning with People”.

The book, among other things, highlights the fact that people drive results and that results propel organisations to attain their goals and objectives.

In demonstrating their expertise in performance management, the authors of the book emphasise that “Performance management should not be considered an extra work for the line manger nor perceived an exclusive role for the HR department. It is a core function for everyone, either for self or associates, Performance Management should be rightly identified as a cord that binds every factor of productivity in the organisation together, both tangibles – machines, money; and the intangibles – culture, behaviours, process, values, learning and development”.

They caution that “Organisations need to continuously invest in people and work environment if they intend to consistently raise the bar of performance in their business and contribute to the growth of the national economy”; stressing that “The economy of United States of America is prosperous because they have organisations like Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and their like”, and submitting that “These companies achieved these enviable and record-breaking business successes because their people raised the ante”.


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