JustBrandIT: Positioned to create things that delight and surprise the world

JustBrandIT Limited began operations in August of 2015 as a print production outfit, and later evolved to be a 360 Creative Agency with core competencies in developing Corporate Visual Identity Systems (CVIS), Concept Generation and Brand Management.

Built on four pillars which are: Brand Communications (360 Marketing & Advertising); Print and Fabrication; Design as a service (Tech Innovations); Promotional and Corporate Gift items; the values which the agency shares are embodied in what goes on at JustBrandIT day after day.

With a vision,“to build a creative institution that contributes one way or the other to businesses globally, exploring best practices and innovative ways to summarize brand’s product and services to suit and capture their target audience”, the agency continually focuses on Innovation, Excellence, Quality Production and Prompt delivery.

In a brief chat with MARKETING EDGE, Mr. Akinwande Durojaye, the Founder/Managing Director of the agency spoke about its successes within a few years of operation; he reviews the industry and takes a look at the future. Excerpts.

What successes has JustBrandIT made of the vision and mission?

JBI has recorded numerous successes and still counting. Asides our prestigious clientele whom we offer services across our four pillars, our team (the disruptive tribe) is a perfect mix of Gen X, Millennials & Gen Z, which means that we can boast of diverse industry/consumer knowledge & Experience. Our strategic location, aswell as the niche we are currently carving, will set us up for even more success.

How will you assess the Nigerian business environment?

Nigeria, currently recognized as the giant of Africa, has her economy being faced with several challenges not limited to poor electricity, multiple tax system, inadequate financial services, unfavorable policies, etc. These and many more affect businesses, thereby becoming the survival of the fittest.

Whilst the Government is doing their best to fix this, JustBrandIt, in line with our vision, is strategically poised to innovatively contribute to businesses, driving them to individual successes, which in turn will then culminate to an enabling ecosystem.

How is your company positioned in this market?

At JustBrandIt, we are a trailblazing tribe and we are positioned to create things that delight and surprise the world. Again, our goal is to providing value to our clients by proffering solutions to tackle business problems. One of our approaches is the comprehensive analysis of brand from a consumer point of view and providing a perfect picture of how their business goals can be achieved. Ours is a unique story of a tribe, thriving in a Creative Nest. Our distinguishing attributes are what stands us out.

What competitive edge do you have over your competitors?

Hmmmn… I’ll say we are futuristic in our approach, design and strategies. With JustBrandIt, there is always a reason to believe.

Are there any CSR activities you have on board?

Oh yes. Corporate responsibility is a top priority for us at JBI. We have quite a number, actually, but we’ll share with you soon, the current one, upon completion. It is actually the biggest thus far.

Any new normal in your sector(s)?

After the COVID 19 hit and the lockdown, all economic sectors have restructured, reinvented and repositioned the way of doing business. The creative industry was also not left out. New business models have emerged. There are now better opportunities to explore.

New skills are also erupting, so also is the value of collaboration. The new normal I can say, is a better use of technology, mind blowing creatives and innovative ideas. They say the C-19 is only speeding up the inevitable, so therefore, accepting the calling for a new future is the goal.

What are the innovative steps the company has taken so far in adapting to the new normal?

One of our pillars in JustBrandIt is Technology Innovation;so, you can trust that we’ll clothe ourselves gloriously.

What are the strategies JustBrandIT has adopted towards making the business future-fit?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the new future is the goal.We self-assess ourselves and align our processes and work, to future value. A great team will always crave work that is fuelled by purpose; hence we are building a coherent sense of identity and purpose, fostering a sense of connection within.We will keep building our brand resonance and remain focused on our dream. By the way, have you seen our work space yet? We are the definition of future fit!

About Akinwande Durojaiye

Akinwande Durojaiye is an information and communication expert. He obtained adegree in Information and Communication Engineering from Covenant University, Nigeria. He is the founder and Managing Director of JustBrandIt Limited, a creative branding and digital marketing/advertising agency that has worked with clients like Uber, Lagos State Government, Oracle, Google, British Deputy High Commission, Microsoft, Airtel, etc.

Akinwande is also a multi-faceted serial entrepreneur, investing in petroleum, logistics, food, and transportation. Among the companies which he has birthed areFixMyRide, a fleet management company which manages different taxi hailing platforms and houses an auto workshop for vehicle repairs, maintenance and servicing; 708, a service delivery and consulting company with special focus on general merchandise supply; and ShomoluErrands and Logistics, a dispatch courier company that does logistics solely within the Shomolu area of Lagos state.

This entrepreneurial genius is also a co-founder of FueledUp, a technology-driven company where customers request for fuel and cooking gas delivery via an app thereby eliminating the need to stop at Gas stations and, LashBells Food Company, a local snacks production and packaging company that packages traditional local snacks and ingredients for sale, both locally and internationally.

His business ventures employ over 300 staffs and about 210 contracted drivers. Combined, all his companies are self-sufficient and they have a turnover of not less than $1.2 million each year.

In recognition of his role as one of Africa’s brightest young leaders, and successful entrepreneurs Akinwande was listed under the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for business in 2018.

Before going into entrepreneurship, Akinwande had experience working in the public sector, as he was a media personnel in the office of the Deputy Speaker of Nigeria’s Federal House of Representatives from 2013 to 2016. He enjoys fashion and travel.


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