GDM Direct Bags Marketing Edge Outstanding Experiential Agency of the Year

A Subsidiary of Hazon Holdings, GDM Direct has bagged the Marketing Edge Outstanding Experiential agency of the year. The report by the Marketing Edge in its last award edition revealed how the company has been delivering business objectives for her clientele with their passion, Integrity and excellence.

GDM Direct was incorporated in June 2009, with a vision to become a frontline consulting firm in Nigeria hence the name – Generating Demand Management Consulting.

In January 2010, the company commenced GDM Direct, an experiential marketing agency and set up an office in No. 9, Esther Oshiyemi Street, Ilupeju, Lagos in a one-room space with shared facilities and two staff all sharing one table partitioned into 4 workspaces.

The team got her first brief – to carry out direct sales of an RTD using a self-financed scheme. Extremely low on finances to execute projects, determination and ambition were all that the team possessed, successfully executing this maiden project and breaking into the industry.

With visionary leadership, the founding members set a goal to be amongst the top 5 agencies in 5 years alongside a well thought out mission and vision statement. Specific values were also set as organizational pillars to guide the team on this journey. Popularly called PIE within the GDM family, (Passion Integrity and Excellence) the GDM leadership focused on building a highly disciplined, effective and results driven team always putting clients’ objectives before financial gains.

In the early years, coming into the industry as a new agency in the midst of a lot of industry giants with the experience, capacity, pedigree and goodwill, breaking in was tough. There was a lot of aggressive marketing but above all else the team focused on delivering business objectives for her very few clientele and gaining trust that gradually transcended into building a name for herself.

Building an experiential agency with a team who for the most part didn’t have a background in marketing, the team focused on learning and developing skills, setting processes and standards different from the norm.

At the core of her operations was the question – What does the client really want? What is the most effective way of delivering superior value to partner with our clients? With these questions in mind, the team has focused on delivering value-adding campaigns through rigorous ideation process which births winning strategies ready to be pitched to the client.

Till date, GDM has succeeded in building a result driven culture based on fairness, hard work and equity. The team comprises of young vibrant men and women both frontline and field staff who passionately plan and execute campaigns, each doing their part to deliver on the overall objectives.

Closely observing the changes in the industry and with a mindset of offering experiential content in a timely and cost effective manner to our clients, we recently transitioned from being strictly a BTL agency to a TTL agency.

At GDM, our people are key, and the ability to leverage each team member’s strengths is key to our success. With this realization, we have redefined our values to include Teamwork and Discipline; these values guide the team and have become a culture known to all team members.

The team today has grown from four staff five years ago to 80 full time employees with over 400 contract employees around the country on different potentially history defining projects.

We are building a powerhouse that will stand the test of time, be known as a preferred employer by young talented individuals and pioneer cutting edge experiential solutions in the industry and at the center of it all still remains   … the CLIENT.


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