Fund transfer outfit Partners Uber to offer free ride to customers

Global funds transfer leader Transfast today launched a partnership with Uber, offering a free Uber ride to the sender and recipient of funds transfers to Nigeria.
The partnership marks the first time Uber has teamed up with a funds transfer company to connect global funds transfer and Uber ridership, according to Uber.

Transfast will offer customers and their recipients in Nigeria the opportunity to qualify for free rides courtesy of Uber. In order to redeem this special offer, the sender and/or the recipient must be first-time Uber riders. The offer for the code is sent to the sender after the funds transfer is completed.

Thanks to a proprietary network that enables funds to move as freely as the global digital economy, Transfast is a natural pairing for Uber, says COO Komal Rathi.
“Partnerships like the one we’re announcing today matter to Transfast, as part of a global strategy to give more value to the Nigerian diaspora with every transaction,” said Rathi, adding that the Uber partnership is one of many new partnerships planned for the next 12 months.

The promotion enables recipients of Transfast money transfers to try Uber and enjoy some of the innovative services that Uber has been providing in many of the nations included in the promotion.
“Partnering with Transfast was an easy decision for us,” says Ebi Atawodi, Uber’s General Manager for West Africa. “Uber, like Transfast, aims to offer a safe, convenient service at an affordable price, in hundreds of cities across the globe! We look forward to sharing our offering with Transfast’s customers and their payment recipients.”

The promotion runs until Nov. 30. Transfast customers will enjoy an upgraded web experience when logging on to participate in the promotion, through the company’s new and more user-friendly website. For more information, visit


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