First Bank unveils multi-currency card to make traveling fun

First Bank of Nigeria Limited has introduced the Visa Multi-Currency Card, which can be linked to naira, dollar, euro and Pound Sterling accounts.

In a statement, the bank said with the Visa Multi-Currency card, its customers – within and outside Nigeria – can now enjoy the luxury of having their local and foreign denominated accounts in any currency, linked to a single Debit card.

The card is designed to ease  cashless transactions for customers anywhere they are across the world. The bank’s Group Executive, e-Business & Retail Product, Chuma Ezirim, said: “FirstBank takes pride in pioneering the Visa Multi- Currency Card in the country, as we remain committed to providing products and services that are designed to ensure the banking convenience of our customers regardless of their location.

“This card is designed to make travelling fun for our customers and ensure they have a seamless transaction experience during their vacation, tourism and other business-related trips around the globe.”


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