Data analyst calls for structured data, advanced technology for better ads targeting

By Felicia Nwosu

With the aim to market  visibly across plethora  platforms in today’s rapidly changing world, while delivering results with speed and agility, there is a need for application of well structured data, skill set and  technology to  harness and accelerate the creation of ads targeting for more memorable start-to-end  unique customer experience.

In view of this, data analyst Samuel Olumba, Project Manager & Team Lead, Youlead  Africa, has opined that Nigerian marketing needs well structured data,  updated skill set  and advanced technology for better ads targeting. He  said Structured data serves as metadata that can  increase the backend of websites for both marketers and brands, through the provision of available content that are relevant  for user’s consumption.

According to  Mr. Olumba, leveraging structured data enables brand unique value to become more visible and available for  consumers to search accessibility on its website. The business developer charged  marketers to redirect their attention on the need to expand their horizons  by exploring  and exploiting structured data whose inherent benefits lie in its power  to drive traffic to websites and also improves click-through rates on Google for search optimisation and business growth.

“The data in Nigeria is still not  structured, we need smart individuals who will come together to create the method of structuring that data  that can make  ads targeting for projection more standard, secured to get things done properly. A lot of ads you see today  sometimes are  things you don’t need, some of them are just bombarding you, you open an app, you see a lot of ads,  It is a different game entirely when you see something that you need, something within your age group, a lot will be done.

He challenged key players in marketing to evolve with requisite skills to enable them to keep abreast with global new realities.

“Professionals need to evolve in their skillset as technology evolves to keep up with the new realities.The world of technology is not static, the world leaves you behind, you need to move with the changes that are being witnessed.

The Project Team leader called on brand custodians to embrace product categorisation to aid  demographic differentiation and fast track product sales.

“When you talk about a product,  everything can be categorized. There are products for the  coming generation, across the past generation, a product that my father has use, of course,I can’t be using that, if you are able to categorize those products, and market them in a well structured data, that is structurally,  so that no generation will be left out at all.This is because, they have seen what they need at that period of time, and they are still experiencing the advantages of technology even in their own time.

The digital currency trader called on users to tread with caution by protecting their privacy and also ensure safety while  divulging  personal information during  any search,as no company will be liable for any form of breach.

“There is a limit to data privacy, it is not something any company can guarantee you, it is a risk because data is also being sold, Facebook and lots of other companies have been sued for that. Recently, Sports app, betnaija platform was hacked by the blackout of Russia with a lot of people’s data stored in it, such people’s credit card information and other personal information

He further revealed that, “Mind you this is also a platform that is also taking the behaviour of its users into regard, so it has gathered some sets data about these individuals and now the platform has been hacked, so how then can people’s security be guaranteed because it is already exposed to hackers.It is up to you, to  out of your own comfort or willingness to voluntarily release your information to whatever platform that you are going to us with hope that it will not be sold by the company to make more money.”



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