CWG Plc launches CSR initiative to mark Silver Jubilee

…restates commitment to growth, innovations

The leading provider of information technology solutions across West, Central and Eastern Africa, CWG Plc, has launched a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative to commemorate its 25 years of operations. The initiative will cater for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria. The company also re-stated its commitment to growth and innovative solutions to customers beyond its first quarter of a century of operations.

At a Gala night held in Lagos at the weekend, the management of the company said the CSR initiative would help to alleviate hunger, provide funds for education and shelter for IDPs.

An auction to support St. Theresa’s IDP Camp, Yola, Adamawa State and ‘CEO’s Heroes Award’, a recognition of some of the company’s outstanding staffs were also carried out at the event.

The founder of CWG Plc, Austin Okere stated that CWG has evolved from a small company to a big company in Nigeria and which has expanded to other neigbouring countries in Africa as the preferred technology solutions provider for different industries and markets.

Stating that the name change from Computer Warehouse Group to CWG Group reinforced the company’s leadership status in the industry and to celebrate its anniversary it is only good to give back to the society that it grew from.

“I want to dedicate my life and my time to giving back to the society. I have been receiving so many requests for mentor-ship, both locally and internationally; I have been doing my best to look at that. I have also taken a course at the IDP camp in Yola. I told the company to lend their support to this cause”, Okere declared.

Affirming the company’s commitment to growth, James Agada, CEO, CWG Plc said the company had evolved technology-wise and for the next 25 years it will continue to provide innovative products that meet the needs of clients.

In his words, “The next 25 year is about impact, and, by this, I mean we are focusing on solving problems, some of which are very hard problems. Problems that when we solve them we’d have a lot of impact on a lot of people’s lives; you would not say you are not impacted by CWG and that is our next target”.

Agada added that the company would keep identifying some of the challenges which organizations are facing and provide solutions to meet such challenges, stating that the company in the last 25 years has been able to establish a viable brand and in the next 25 years will make impact with innovative solutions that will be rolled out.

Recalling some of the memorable moments in the iconic company’s history,  Agada disclosed that “In November 2013, we were listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and that was a big milestone and was in keeping with what we had always said, that we wanted to build a company that survives from generation to generation; and on January 1, 2016, we did a transition from our founder to a new management. Those are some of the memorable moments; and, here we are, you can count on your fingertips the number of businesses in Nigeria, founded by Nigerians that have survived beyond their founders”.

Partners, staffs, business associates and others present at the event raised money for the CSR cause through an auction exercise carried out. Zainab Iliyasu, was honoured with a CSR Scholarship Award for being the best graduating student in Computer Science at American University of Nigeria (AUN), Yola. CWG Plc staffs were also recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the company’s success story.

At inception, CWG was essentially an IT infrastructure sales firm. Thereafter, the group evolved into an IT powerhouse with a focus on enabling businesses through strategic partnerships with world-class partners.

In pursuit of its Pan-African Vision, CWG Plc established its regional offices in the West, East and Central Africa. CWG Ghana Limited (2003), CWG Uganda Limited (2010) and CWG Cameroon Limited (2012) to handle the business interest of these regions.

On the 6th of March, 2012, CWG PLC merged with its three subsidiaries; CWL Systems, ExpertEdge Software and DCC Networks, thereby leaving CWG PLC as the only surviving entity.

The 2016 financial year result released by the company, which was listed on the NSE in 2017, shows that CWG Plc recovered from a loss of N1.80 billion in 2015 to achieve a growth of 107 per cent Profit After Tax in 2016.



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