Coca-Cola’s Christmas campaign is most powerful ad of the season, says Kantar

Market research company, Kantar, has named The Coca-Cola Company’s Christmas ad campaigns, ‘Holidays are Coming’ and ‘The Letter’ the most powerful ads of the season.

The ’Holidays are Coming’ trucks campaign was ranked the most ‘powerful’ advert of the season, with ‘The Letter’ following closely at number 2, beating off 20 competing ads for the title.
‘The Letter’ captures a loving father’s epic journey to the North Pole to make his daughter’s Christmas wish come true. The short film was directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy London.

Organised by Kantar, 3000 UK consumers were paired with LinkNow AI facial coding technology to reveal who made the greatest emotional impact, with the algorithms all pointing to Coca-Cola as eliciting the greatest response from audiences.

Lynne Deason, Head of creative excellence, Kantar UK, said: “Getting it right this Christmas was always going to be tough, as brands and creative agencies tentatively walked the tone of voice tightrope.“

“But this year’s Christmas ads show us that there are many ways to crack the Christmas advertising effectiveness nut. The top-performing ads use very different approaches, including nostalgia, escapism, humour and fantasy. Sadly though, it’s not all joyful; the least effective ads are upsetting people given the current crisis. Any attempt to reference coronavirus was always going to be tricky. Some brands have triumphed, while others, although very well-intentioned, have been misunderstood.”

Commenting on the campaign, The Coca-Cola Company stated: “In a year when the world needs holiday cheer more than ever, Coca-Cola is celebrating the gift of presence – over presents – through a seasonal campaign launching in 90-plus countries including the United States.”

“This year’s campaign puts family, community and appreciation front and center, recognizing that the real magic of Christmas is connecting with one another – virtually or in person. Physical distance doesn’t mean we can’t be present”.

Kantar considers the Christmas convoy as integral to the fabric of Christmas as Rudolph and fir trees. Launched in 1995, the campaign has been accompanied by a real-world truck tour at which company representatives give out drinks to thirsty consumers.

The Coca-Cola Company has once again left its creative message of ‘open happiness’ and ‘Togetherness’ on the world.


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