Chi Introduces More Volume

Chi Limited, makers of popular Chi brands, Hollandia Evaporated Full Cream Milk has increased the quantity of the milk-flavoured drink by 25 per cent with a view to allow their teeming consumers derive more value for their money.

In a statement signed by the company’s managing Director, Mr Deepanjan Roy, the company felt it was pertinent for this new development to occur and that the company would embark on massive public awareness to inform their loyal consumers of the extra benefits of their favourite milk drink.

According to Mr. Roy, “We are committed to ensuring that our loyal consumers continue to get value and satisfaction for money whenever they buy Hollandia Evaporated Milk.

“You can enjoy the creamy, tasty, nourishing milk in whichever way you want and for longer, without breaking the bank. It can be enjoyed with tea, custards, cereals and smoothies. The future looks promising for an innovative brand which places well-being and value of its consumers at the heart of its product,” he concluded.

Hollandia Evaporated Full Cream Milk is from the stables of Chi Limited, the makers of popular Chi juice brands such as Chivita 100%, Chivita Active, Chi Happy Hour and Chi Ice Tea amongst various other products.


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