Brands must extend presence in Metaverse – Experts

By Felicia Nwosu

Professionals in the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) space have emphasised the need to expand their presence in the digital domain of Metaverse, to enable them create deeper engagement with consumers as well as increase bottom-line. They averred that this will help industry practitioners stay ahead of the curve and, at the same time, keep abreast of new realities in innovation, commerce and technology.

MARKETING EDGE in separate exclusive interviews captured the opinions of industry thought leaders who unanimously agreed that Metaverse, as a marketing tool, is transforming the world of e-commerce by eliminating barriers confronting professionals who transact businesses at various levels.

Lampe Omoyele, Managing Director, Nitro121, pointed out that Nigeria’s response in embracing the Metaverse is a bit slow. He reasoned that whatever platform being used to engage with customers, whether virtual or physical products, should be human centred.

“I think we are slow, it is latching unto us eventually from a global perspective. Virtual reality is real, but at the end of the day, it is also going to be how do we as brands better connect with people because at the end of the day, whether it is a Metaverse or here on earth, it is really important to be human centred,” he said.

Winston Ailemoh, Director, Commercial Operations, Marie Stopes International Organisation of Nigeria urged marketers to leverage multithreaded marketing communication strategies, adding that Metaverse will give brands the opportunity to create new narratives.

“From today, we will begin to talk about AI, NFTs and all of the high tech will begin to play in all of the marketing space and that is the future. One of the biggest challenges that the marketing industry has today is measurement. How do we measure success?” he asked.

EmekaObia, Head, Strategy and Planning Unit at Leo Burnett Lagos, noted that the adoption of Metaverse is overdue and necessary as brands need to demonstrate how much attention has been paid to consumers, while expressing their willingness to adapt to their expectations through the use of NFTs to create a wide-reaching consumer experience.

“We have seen how technology has disrupted different industries. If you look at the ecosystem, the IMC industry especially, technology is very critical to the growth of businesses. And the more we begin to rethink this space and how technology can also help to elevate those services and offerings and ultimately provide value to the clients, the better. The interesting thing is that we are having more internet penetration. I know in the next couple of years technology is really going to change the game,” he said.

Obinna Nweke, Marketing Strategist, Axon Analytics Ltd, stated that marketing will soon transit into the Metaverse era, while urging brands to get immersed in it as it will soon become part of every facet of real-world interactions.


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