BIC Shavers’ promo winner relishes success

Leading shaving brand in Nigeria, BIC 1 Shaver has finally made the dream of Miss Blessing Odudu come true as she was presented with her brand new Mitsubishi Space Star Car, following her emergence last month as one of the grand prize winners in the just concluded BIC Shave & Realise Your dream promo.

“This is a dream come true for me,” she said, in an emotion-laden voice, during the brief handover ceremony held inside the sleepy confines of the Ojo Cantonment, Lagos, where she lives with her father, an army officer.

“I can’t believe that going out to buy something of N70 could turn out like this. It is like a dream to me, but I have to believe that it’s real. When I first saw the car I was still thinking it’s a dream, that maybe I was going to wake up one day to realise that everything I was seeing was a dream. But now I know it’s not.”

The key to the glossy yellow coloured car was handed over to her by the Country Business Development Manager, BIC World, Mr. Adeyemi Ojo amidst celebration and cheers from a large crowd of her family, friends and neighbors, including Mr. Megwa Chikodi, who sold the lucky product.

The crowd was particularly thrilled by BIC’s exceptional demonstration of loyalty and fidelity to its teeming consumers, something they noted was becoming a rare practice in Nigeria’s corporate environment.

Speaking about the outing, Ojo said the responses of the consumers resonated with BIC’s core brand proposition. “We want to see our consumers rejoicing. Every little thing we do we want it to have a great impact in their lives. The shaven stick we sell is little in terms of cost but it provides huge value to the consumers. As you can see everybody is happy, this is the excitement we want to bring to consumers,” he said.

The ceremony was a fitting conclusion to a three month long the Bic Shave & Realise Your Dream promo. And it capped off a very successful campaign that deepened BIC’s leadership in the shaver’s segment where it controls about 70 percent of the market in Nigeria and also transformed into a bigger top of the mind awareness for the brand.

The draws for Pan Nigeria campaign which was very experiential in execution as it was innovative was held in two locations- Onitsha and Lagos. The Grand Prize winner in Onitsha was Mr. Bassey Effiong who has since taken delivery of his Mitsubishi Space Star Car.

But there were other great prizes including television sets, refrigerators, mobile phones, N15 000 worth of airtime among other consolation prizes won.

Speaking further about the promo, Ojo said, “We are delivering on our promises on this occasion. This is the proof of our integrity and commitment to whatever we are doing; we say hearty congratulations to all our winners”.

BIC is a leading international brand, a manufacturer of stationeries, lighters and shavers across the world.


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