9mobile launches digital bank, targets 6 million customers in first year

9mobile’s Payment Service Bank (9PSB) has launched its digital banking platform with plans to reach over six million financially excluded persons over the next one year.

It proposes high-end digital banking and financial inclusion services that will make transactions easier, convenient and accessible for people of all social classes in Nigeria.

The chief executive officer of 9PSB, Branka Mracajac, said, “The initiative which is financially included is in order to influence national economic development to improve welfare, generate standard of living for everyone, particularly in poverty reduction, employment creation.

She noted that, “The product is the first payment service designed to transform financial services in Nigeria by providing VAT and market driven solutions that will address the challenges financially.

“Currently, our key mitigating strategy is to create synergies between age integrity and something important driver of financial inclusion and the superior product mix that we are offering. We strongly believe that we will address the pain points of underpaid, the underbanked and unbanked Nigerians by offering a compelling product, seamless educate execution of processes and an excellent customer service”

Financial Innovation is a unique role in fostering sustainable equitable growth primarily among the unbanked and the underbanked. Within the rural areas in Nigeria, 9PSB we build job of financial inclusion, especially among the US and across Nigeria.

Branka also stated that “the main difference between us and other platforms is that everyone with a phone number can have a bank account in 9PSB, which means that you don’t have to go to bank, you don’t have to have BVN, you don’t have to go to process and then to memorize your banking details. The last 10 digits of your phone number makes your account number. You can conduct banking services, from the comfort of your home, it’s only needed to have a smartphone or feature device”.


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