Transmit revolutionizes radio advertising in Nigeria

In a move that signals a significant shift in the radio advertising landscape, Radio Ad Spread has rebranded to Transmit, cementing its position as Nigeria’s leading AdTech company. This transformation marks a major milestone in Transmit’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

I had the opportunity to explore Transmit’s cutting-edge platform via the website – , which enables advertisers to book radio adverts seamlessly on over 200 radio stations across Nigeria. The platform’s proprietary AI technology allows for real-time tracking and monitoring of radio campaigns, providing invaluable insights and analytics.

The key features of Transmit’s platform are designed to make radio advertising more accessible and easier to navigate for everyone within and outside the Nigerian borders. With speedy bookings of ad slots, AI tracking/analytics, real-time digital compliance reports, and easy online payment options, advertisers can now navigate the radio advertising landscape with ease.

According to Femisire Ajayi, CEO of Transmit, “We are using innovation and tech to solve multiple problems in the advertising ecosystem while making it easier for all the key players to grow their customer base and increase their bottom lines. The reach of radio is unparalleled and we are committed to making radio advertising more accessible, efficient, and effective for our clients, whether they are individuals, brands, or even agencies.”

With Transmit, the future of radio advertising in Nigeria looks very bright. The company’s commitment to a departure from the norm in its pursuit of excellence is set to revolutionize the industry, and I am excited to see the impact it will have on the advertising landscape in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

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