Terragon targets improved data driven marketing for SMBs, introduces TerragonPrime

By Zion Rufus

Data and marketing technology company, Terragon has launched TerragonPrime, an end-to-end marketing platform created to enable data driven marketing at scale, and help businesses grow.

Particularly aimed at improving the marketing efficiency and campaign performance of small and medium sized businesses as well as the organizations that provide services to them, TerragonPrime was created to help organisations aggregate, enrich and activate consumer data to drive targeted and personalised experiences for cost effective customer acquisition, and retention.

Commenting on the launch of TerragonPrime during a press meeting which held on 18th February 2022 at the company’s headquarters in Victoria island, Lagos, Head of Product at Terragon, Oti Ukubeyinje said: “We basically looked at how we could take the enterprise solution we have built, all the data that we have access to on consumers in the most compliant ways, and use them to not just support the large enterprises, but to support small and medium enterprises as well.”

TerragonPrime combines the power of an enterprise grade customer data platform powered by a wide range of data supply partners including telcos and AI and ML solutions, with mobile-first customer activation channels to create custom audiences based on various criteria eg age, gender, location and interest, and as well enhance data-driven marketing programs in Africa.  

Describing TerragonPrime’s primary target market, Oti explained that in Nigeria, SMEs contribute 48% of GDP, account for 96% of businesses, 84% of employment, and are the largest contributors to the African Economy, in the areas of jobs, GDP, etc.

He said: “Small and medium enterprises most importantly need to be able to deliver more personalized experiences because they don’t have all the budget to burn, so they move to ensure that every single interaction with a customer is as profitable as possible.”

With zero license fees, businesses get to have access to over 100million profiles, segmented audiences, enrichment, insights, and direct messaging. In addition, the company is offering up to 5000 free message credits to the first 500 subscribers.

Terragon is Africa’s leading Data and Marketing Technology Company. We help organisations execute highly targeted campaigns by aggregating, enriching and activating consumer data for personalized experiences.


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