Social Media Mastery: Engaging Audiences in Thailand

Following the successful examples of other countries and cultures worldwide, recently, a large number of Thai brands, particularly in the entertainment, fashion, and beauty industries, have started to master social media engagement via popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Telegram.

Their main goal is to showcase their products with the help of more creative and visually appealing content while directly engaging with their audiences. Combined, these strategies have proven to be highly effective social media strategies.engaging audiences in Thailand

Let’s see exactly how this strategy is put into effect in this country with a population of over 71 million people and a fast-growing economy.

Engaging Consumers Via Social Media

Mastering social media marketing is a complex mix of content optimization, search engine optimization, and techniques developed about the selected platforms. As mentioned earlier, social media has already proven to be an effective platform for Thai audiences when it comes to doing their research regarding new products, brands, or services they are interested in. This is mainly because the country is known for being home to digital natives, turning into one of the leading ways for companies to reach their audience.

Over 71% of Thai internet users rely on their preferred social media platforms to find the pros and cons of buying a certain service or product, with social networks at 45.5% in the lead when it comes to researching brands, followed by sites that provide “questions and answers” type of content at 18.6%, and live chat and messaging services at around 16%.

Gambling Via Telegram – the Clever Mix for Gamers

We can expect casino aficionados who enjoy taking their favorite type of entertainment activity online to research Thai Telegram casinos before deciding whether this new form of betting via the Telegram application is suitable for them or not. Telegram casinos enable more than 700 million global to place their bets through the application. Similar to classic casinos, free games incur no cost, allowing nonstop and endless entertainment. These innovative solutions for mobile gamblers rely on bots and can reach entirely new niches of players, thanks to the 2-in-1 approach.

Consistent, But Not Repetitive Visual Content

Let’s take the example of Caremate, a popular brand aimed at beauty, cosmetic, and personal care products based in Thailand. On its Instagram page, the company uses a consistent color palette made of both colorful and toned-down pastels, employing consistent, but never overly repetitive visual content. Their feed gives visitors a refreshing feeling. Its appealing visuals on IG have helped the brand turn into a highly memorable and easily distinguishable one for Thai consumers.

Paid Partnerships with Thai Influencers

Another excellent social media marketing strategy involves the use of Thai influencers to promote products and services. Let’s look at the skincare brand sold in affordable price brackets Pond’s and its collaboration with iconic beauty and lifestyle Thai influencer, Archita Station. Most of Archita’s 1.3 million+ social media followers are women who trust her skincare and makeup recommendations. This has helped Pond’s reach its target market much more effectively with a series of videos.

In conclusion, social media can be a powerful tool for all businesses and industries. Staying informed regarding the freshest trends, keeping track of results, and adapting our marketing strategy should generate the desired success.


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