‘Magnetic Stories’ Captures Pharma Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2024

By Anietie Udoh

The 2024 Cannes Lions Festival has kicked off with a bang, celebrating groundbreaking achievements by top global agencies.

Among the highlights, the Pharma Lions honored seven outstanding entries from a competitive pool of 232 submissions, including one Gold, two Silver, and three Bronze Lions.

Claiming the prestigious Pharma Grand Prix was “Magnetic Stories,” a heartwarming initiative by Siemens Healthineers in collaboration with Area 23 New York, an IPG Health Network Company based in the USA.

“Magnetic Stories” introduces a series of children’s audiobooks that ingeniously weave the intimidating sounds of MRI machines into whimsical, fantastical narratives. This creative approach aims to alleviate the anxiety children often feel during MRI examinations.

Collette Douaihy, Global Chief Creative Officer at Dentsu Health and President of the Pharma Jury, commended the project, emphasizing its transformative impact: “True creativity shines when it directly improves lives. ‘Magnetic Stories’ achieves this by transforming the daunting experience of MRI scans into an immersive journey for young patients.”

Each audiobook, meticulously crafted by renowned authors and sound designers, synchronizes MRI sounds with pivotal moments in the stories, effectively turning fear into fascination. Douaihy lauded the initiative as exemplary storytelling that enhances the medical experience for children, highlighting its profound influence on healthcare creativity.

The awards underscored the pivotal role of innovative storytelling in healthcare, demonstrating how creativity can significantly ease medical procedures for young patients.


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