GOtv Nigeria, and its mission for indigenous languages

Great is the art of beginning, but one lesson many innovators have learned overtime is that greater is the art of sustaining.

In the last decade, GOtv Nigeria, a leading pay TV terrestrial service in Nigeria, has laudably and relentlessly sustained its mission to promote indigenous languages in Nigeria by constantly innovating new channels and shows to expertly maintain a healthy level of entertainment presented in indigenous Nigerian languages via the Africa Magic channels.

With colonisation, westernisation and urban drift causing a shift from local languages, many indigenous Nigerian languages have become endangered. Like the almost mythical dinosaurs, a nation with over 525 native languages originally barely identifies with more than a 100 today, with a meagre three becoming the major Nigerian languages. Even at that, most of the quality entertainment available in the country today stem from shows in English language.

Like a knight to the rescue, GOtv, using tried and tested tools of motion picture, storytelling and folklore have taken up the mantle of grassroots promotion of indigenous languages and culture through specific shows and programmes targeted at displaying the inherent beauty of Nigerian culture, part of which are languages.

Daily, the choice pay TV service, which is a viewers’ choice any day as a result of its affordability brings quality entertainment grounded in the use of indigenous languages.

Employing the trio of its indigenous channels: AfricaMagicYoruba on GOtv Channel 5, Africa Magic Hausa on GOtvChannel 4 and AfricaMagic Igbo which joined the GOtv family in 2016.  

In recent times, shows like ‘Elenini’ on Africa Magic Yoruba and Halita on Africa Magic Family have captured viewers’ hearts all around the country first because of the pristine use of indigenous languages and its portrayal of the Nigeria culture and spirit.

In ‘Elenini’, viewers follow the captivating story of Uzor and Bisola two lovers from different Nigerian culture who are yanked out of their comfortable matrimonial zone as their secrets are brought to the open. During the show, asides the rich use of unwesternised Yoruba, a healthy sprinkle of Igbo language is present.

Halita, which premiered on February 4, 2019 on Africa Magic Family, GOtv channel 2 is a Nigerian drama series set in Northern Nigeria. The series tells the story of a 19-year-old village girl who is forced to leave the village to send money home when her mother Rebecca, takes ill. She is promised a job as a secretary but by fate, she ends up in the Zamani home and her fortunes take a turn.

These shows, alongside the series of movies rendered in indigenous languages that daily show on the channels form the bedrock of GOtv’s dedication to promoting the use and knowledge of indigenous Nigerian languages.

GOtv’s choice has over the years helped to negate the many challenges that exist when it comes to promoting indigenous languages.


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