Frieslandcampina enlists Emmanuella for new Peak 456 digital campaign

Not too long ago, Emmanuella, the child comedienne was rated by Google as one Nigeria’s biggest YouTube influencers.
The six year old Emmanuella is the star of MarkAngelComedy- one of Nigeria’s top-ranked YouTube users, with over 280 thousand subscribers and views regularly exceeding 3 million. Each MarkAngel video features Emmanuella doing or saying something utterly outrageous, just like every child her age.
That report brought the child comedienne under the radar of major brands in Nigeria, who are always on the lookout for new ways to actively engage the consumers and expand market share.
So she has been recently snapped up by Peak milk, Nigeria’s leading milk brand, as a brand ambassador. The brand which earlier on signed-on another popular comedian, Ayo Makun, popularly called AY, hopes to leverage Emmanuella’s social media popularity and wide acceptance across all social class to boost and reinforce Peak’s brand equity.

Her first duty as a Peak ambassador was to feature in a recently launched digital campaign to drive the acceptance and market share for Peak 456, Peak’s brand extension designed for children between the ages of 1 to 5.
In the campaign, which equally features AY, Emmanuella in her usual funny and naughty style is seen demanding for milk that made only for children. “Uncle, if there are watches for children why can’t I have Peak milk for children,” she asked in her tinny naughty voice. She was persistent until she got Peak 456.
The campaign which was only recently launched is already causing a sensation on the social media as close to 500 000 people have seen the video on YouTube and many exciting comments have been generated as a result.
Analysts have hailed the development as a smart move by Peak, which is looking to deepen it leadership of the milk segment and check the onslaught of increasingly aggressive competitors on its market.
In recent times, competition in the milk market in Nigeria has reached a new height, following the renewed investment vigour of Arla Foods, one of the global leaders in the dairy market. Other milk brands in Nigeria have equally revved up their marketing communications and launched new campaigns to grow their brand equity and expand market share. Peak is obviously to oblivious to the aspirations of competitors hence its new campaign.


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