Facebook’s Top Executive Visits African Shrine

A senior facebook executive, Chris Cox, on Sunday visited the famous New African Shrine to see one of his musical heroes, Femi Kuti, perform live on stage.

During his visit, Femi’s hour long set was streamed via Facebook live to the world and Chris was honoured to be invited to play keyboards for one song.

Cox is the most senior Facebook executive to visit Nigeria since Mark Zuckerberg visited Lagos in September 2016. He arrived in Nigeria on 26th February to speak at Social Media Week in Lagos about the future of media, and will also meet with Nigerian entrepreneurs and content creators.

Speaking on his visit, Cox talked about how creators like Femi Kuti are using Facebook to bring fans into their lives and extend their presence beyond the stage and recorded media. He also discussed how innovators like Afrinolly – the creative hub where technology meets art — are using virtual reality and 360-degree video to create exciting and compelling new storytelling formats.

“Stories matter, whether it’s the stories of our lives or the story of Africa’s growth and ascendance. We want Nigeria’s storytellers — the musicians, the filmmakers, the novelists — to take their stories to the rest of the world. The explosion in mobile video and live video, gives people a new way to share their story and perspective with the globe – and this is happening on Facebook.

“I’m looking forward to hearing more about how Nigerian creatives, developers and entrepreneurs are using mobile technology, video and Facebook platforms to create inspiring applications and services for their customers and communities. The level of innovation we see in this market is amazing. As Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria is an important market for us,” he said.

Nigeria is the first stop on a week-long trip to West Africa where Chris will visit Ghana and Senegal to learn about the challenges and opportunities people in the region face so that Facebook can better serve the region’s content creators, entrepreneurs and developers.


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